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Loved by You
Amazed By You


Thank you for joining me at my virtual home on the web. I hope you'll stay a while and check out my hot federal agents and sexy cowboys, and the strong women who make their worlds go 'round.

Loved by You, is now available! It is the second book in the "Riding Tall 2" series!

Justice McBride feels like he's been knocked upside the head with a two-by-four the moment he sees Fiona dancing. Fiona O'Shea and her daughter, Sophie, travel while selling their jewelry, and don't have a place to call home. When Fiona meets the sexy cowboy, she starts to consider settling down.

However, Fiona doesn't think it's possible. She escaped an abusive relationship and has been on the run with her daughter. Her ex, Gilroy, is hunting her... When he kidnaps Sophie, Justice and Fiona must find her before it's too late. And build a love meant to last a lifetime.

Amazed by You, is now available! It is the first book in the "Riding Tall 2" series!

When Celine meets Jayson McBride, her whole world tips and she finds herself falling for the cowboy hard and fast. However, Jayson harbors a secret that could rip their relationship apart before it even starts. When he saves Celine's life, it turns out she just might have saved his.

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Cheyenne McCray


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